5 Must have Footwear Pieces

Let me share some facts with you. As per the research, people notice your shoes more than anything in your outfit. Your shoes can make or break your entire outfit depending on whether you read this article or not. Good news is that you don’t need 50 pairs in your wardrobe to ensure that you look stylish every time you step out. Just invest enough to create an up to date footwear collection.  Oxblood

Disclaimer: Neeche di hui fehrist main changes kiye ja skte hain depending on your age, lifestyle and personal preferences. They are just the foundation pieces around which you can create your collection.      

A Pair for the Formal Duties

The oxford cap toe is the most formal style of all the shoes that were ever created in the history of mankind. Whether to buy a brown or black depends upon personal preference but I would recommend a black one as it is more formal than its brown brother.

The oxford cap toe is perfect for guys working in corporate environments as it provides the necessary professional look required. You can also wear it with suits and tuxedos at black tie events or at weddings. But the best part is that it looks equally stylish when worn with shalwar kameez and a waist coat. It seems that this shoe can solve all the problems in your life. 

A Semi formal leather option

You can’t live your life with one pair of leather shoe right? So what should be your second option? Go for a semi-formal pair of leather shoes. Why? Because you need a versatile pair that you can wear with suits and jeans/chinos at the same time. Now which one to buy, again depends upon your personal taste and lifestyle. Few options you have are Wing tips, penny/tassel loafer, double monk straps. One thing I am certain of is that it should be brown to allow versatility.

Wear it with a navy blue or gray suit on the day of that very important presentation. Want to rock a business casual look? Pair it up with a pair of chinos. Planning to wear your favorite pair of jeans? Uske sath bhi chale ga. Aur haan don’t forget the shalwar kameez with the shoes look, it can be used there as well.  

A go to Fashion Sneaker

Sneakers are such an important part of every man’s wardrobe that they deserve an article just for them. For all the casual hangouts every man must have at least a pair of sneaker that they can wear with different casual outfits in their wardrobe. Again it all depends upon your preference whether you wanna buy classic chuck taylors and pumas or the new and trendy form yeezys and air jordans. In terms of color, well sneakers come in a variety of colors and if you believe that you can rock any color, I say go for it. But if you’re unsure, a safe bet would be buying a white pair as they are versatile and trendy at same time, haan but you have to take care of it.           

A Sporty Pair    

If you regularly exercise, good job keep it up, just buy a dedicated pair of shoes for it and if you don’t then you should. It can be in any form, from pumping iron in the gym for an hour to an half hour game of football every day, it entirely depends upon your lifestyle and what you personally enjoy doing.

Once you’ve identified the activity, choose the footwear that is going to help you perform more efficiently in that sport. If you’re going to lifts weights, go for athletic footwear with flat sole as it will help you to maintain balance when lifting heavy weights. Moreover, a flat sole will allow you to generate greater force required to perform the heavier lifts. If you’re the kind of guy who loves sprinting choose the shoes with softer sole thus providing cushioning during those runs.           

A Desi Pair

How could I have ignored this? No, seriously you would have to be soooo burger in order to not own a pair. From a pair of stylish “Peshawari Chapli” to a pair of modern “Kheriyan” or “Khussa”, a pair of stylish eastern footwear is a definite must have. Again the design depends upon what you prefer and where you live but my advice is to go for minimalistic designs. The best part however is that we can wear them on important occasions such as weddings and can easily use them a casual everyday footwear option.      

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