Choose a “NEW” hairstyle based on your face shape

So finally you’ve decided to change your hairstyle, (#tabdeeli) and you have a hairstyle in mind but you’re unsure whether it will suit you or not or you just want to know hairstyle options available out there. A perfect hairstyle depends on a number of things i.e. hair texture, hair line etc. but most important of them is the FACE SHAPE! We all have one but we don’t realize its importance while choosing a new hairstyle.

 But why is the face shape important? The reason being that as a general style rule the goal is to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Asaan zuban main kahain tou do whatever you can to achieve an overall balanced face shape by going for contrasting hairstyles. You can’t just sport a hairstyle just because “woh Jhonny Depp pr acha lg rha tha”, he’s Jhonny Depp us pr tou khuch bhi acha lge ga. Therefore, choose celebs with similar face shape as you have and then, out of hundred hairstyles that he has sported overtime, choose a hairstyle that you feel most confident about.

This gives rise to a very basic question. What face shape do you have? Or How can you determine someone else’s face shape?

In my humble opinion there are four basic face shapes. You will find more than this on the internet but who bht confusing hain so just stick to these four. Brace yourselves, the educational tour is about to begin.

Round face shape

If length of your face is equal to its width plus if there isn’t any clearly defined jawline with a rounded chin, then you my friend have a round face. Also the forehead and the jawline is almost equal in measurement.

Now which hairstyle would complement a round face shape? Round faces could use some definition to make them appear longer. Because of that, you may consider a cut that is shorter on the sides and taller on the top, which would give a round face balance. Go for a contrasting hairstyle e.g. pompadour or a voluminous quiff.

Any haircut with longer sides shall be avoided because it will make your already round face appear even rounder and we definitely don’t want that.

Oval Face Shape

You have an oval face if your face is widest at the cheekbones and you have a tapered and narrow with no sharp edges jawline.

It’s considered an ideal face shape for women…so umm yeah, koi baat nai. The good thing is that an oval face shape does pretty much any hairstyle justice so you’re lucky in a way. With an oval face shape you have to wear your hair off the forehead to create some volume and angles on top.

Avoid bangs or fringes that would cover your forehead and make your head appear even rounder than it already is.

Square Face Shape

Out of all face shapes, the most MARDANA face shape is the square face shape. If you have a square shaped face, your face is about the same height and width just like the rounder cousin but square faces have lots of sharp angles and a prominent well-defined jawline.

If you have been blessed with a square face, then you should try to soften your strong features with a contrasting hairstyle. With that being said square faces are versatile enough to work with both extremely short and longer hairstyles, from buzz cut to medium length hair to quiffs. Just bear in mind that the shorter you go the more your face looks rigid and angular.

Inverted Triangle/ Heart Face Shape

  And last but definitely not the least, the best face shape in terms of versatility is the triangle face shape. It is widest at the forehead, full at the cheekbones and narrow at the chin. Another feature of triangle face shape is the strong jaw and angular cheek bones.

Almost every hairstyle would look great with triangle face shape. A textured fringe or dimensional quiff will do the job. If you have a triangle face shape you can actually rock longer hair length as a contrasting hairstyle as it will drag the attention from your slightly wider forehead.

Avoid pulling all the hair back or going extremely short on the sides i.e. a skin fade because it will make your already wide forehead appear wider. Facial hair is also a key in the case of triangle face shape to add some much needed bulk to the narrow chin.   

So next time when you are getting a haircut, pay close attention to your face shape also to check whether apka barber kisi kaam ka hai ask him about your face shape. 😉

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