Footwear Mistakes Men Make

1. Not matching the leather
The number of people breaking this rule is toooo damn high. If you are wearing leather belt, leather shoes and leather wrist watch in an outfit, the leather shall match each other in terms of color and texture. Before you start saying in your head that “yr iss se kia hota hai”, let me explain. Firstly, it creates harmony, secondly due to the uniformity there isn’t much distraction in the outfit. As a man you don’t have to look like a rainbow with all seven colors.
In case you’re wearing fabric belts and canvas wrist watches, you don’t have to abide by this rule. Also it can be a great way to add color in your outfit. But when you’re going all leather, go for evenness.

2. No square toed shoes
Avoid square toed shoes at all costs even if it’s the only pair available. Go barefoot if you have to but don’t put your feet in them. This design is so impractical; whose toes are like that anyway. I just want to look at the feet of the person who invented this design and ask him what was he thinking. Worst part is that it’s still manufactured even after being sooo outdated. Chances are that your father’s father wore this design when his father bought it for him (yup it’s that old).
Go for curve toed shoes because it’s not just the modern design but a lot more practical as well.

3. No Velcro
See I don’t have issues with sandals as such (although there do exist better options) but Velcro? Seriously? I don’t know whether it’s the sound that it makes or the overall look of these sandals but I just hate Velcro footwear as a man. Men are tempted to these because of how easy it is to wear them, I get it. It deserves a 10/10 in terms of easiness but when it comes to style it gets zero points IMO. Also you are not a kid anymore so try to look at it from that angle.
Go for loafers or sandals, with tying mechanism other than velcro, if you genuinely want to elevate your style.

4. Socks
A lot of men don’t realize the importance of socks both in terms of utility and style. In winters they keep our feet warm (no kidding), and in summers it absorbs all that nasty sweat and keep our feet and shoes free from stinky smell. (Have you ever thought about how tough it is to be a pair of socks? No, you only think about yourself.)
But most men don’t really pay attention towards the style part of the equation while choosing a pair. Socks can be a great accessory to stand out from the crowd because chances are that most men will be wearing the typical boring white,black, blue or brown colored pair. Thus you should try out funky colors and patterns to really show off your personality. Also don’t be afraid to wear these funky pairs with suits and shalwar kameez.
Further there’s a new look in town called the no socks look. It looks cool (imo) and is definitely practical given that temperature do get as high as 40 degrees Celsius in some areas of Pakistan in summers. The problem however is that men literally do not wear socks in order to pull off this look. MAJOR MISTAKE..!! All that nasty sweat buildup damages your shoes and causes stinky feet. The correct technique to pull off this look is to wear the “no show socks.” These socks will take care of sweat and at the same time you’ll be able to pull off the no socks look.

5. Running shoes are only for running 
When it comes to comfort we all love running shoes and thus we can wear it whenever we want with whatever we want, right? WRONGG!!!! Running shoes, regardless of how comfortable they are, are only meant for sporting activities so just use them for that purpose.
A look that requires special discussion here is “shalwar kameez with joggers or sandals” look. Tons of comfortable options are available out there from loafers to laceups other than these. Please don’t make this mistake, it takes your style game way down from where we want it to be.

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