Our Services

Wardrobe Overhauling

It is a wardrobe audit session. In the session, your wardrobe will be reviewed and articles will examined on the basis of style, fit , color etc. We will be teaching you how to compile different outfits based on your current wardrobe. We will help you discover missing from your wardrobe and where to find them. You will also learn the best fit for your body type with style tips that will take your outfit to the next level.

Following the audit session, we will be going shopping together to update your wardrobe with the missing pieces. Whether you love/hate to shop, you are guaranteed to enjoy this process because shopping with a pro is unlike any other shopping experience. Mustajab will work with you to ensure your wardrobe has all the right pieces you need as per your lifestyle. You will receive tips on brands and styles suitable for you and your body type. Contact us for more info.

Wedding Outfits Consultancy

You have to take care of a lot of things when organizing a wedding. Be it your own or someone very close to you, we are here to take of of those tasks ways from you and make your life a little less stressed.

Muhammad Mustajab Ali will have a complete brainstorming session with you helping you choose the color, fit and style of the outfit for the most important day of your life. Along with that, we will be visiting salons to get your grooming game to the point.